Paso Robles Divorce Mediation Lawyer

We recommend that our clients pursue non-litigated means of dispute resolution, including mediation, whenever possible.

We have spent years devoted to this area of law, and we understand how courts will likely make judgments in your disputes. With our mediation services, we can help you negotiate beneficial settlements without setting foot in a courtroom.

Experience is key. In mediation sessions, it is crucial to know the most effective negotiation methods. Mr. Duenow has mediated more than 50 family law matters, and he is able to keep the process moving toward a fair and reasonable agreement.

Ultimately, mediation is not about winning or losing, but rather about making the right decision that protects and benefits all involved individuals.

We offer the following mediation services:

Unrepresented Mediation
When areas of contention are minimal, spouses contact us looking for efficient results in settling matters of child custody, property and asset division, and financial agreements. In such instances, couples are simply able to benefit from having a skilled representative lead the discussion and legal process for both parties.

Represented Mediation
Represented mediation involves a mediation session in which each party of a divorce, marital dissolution or other family law issue is represented by a lawyer. When issues are more contentious, it can be beneficial for some parties to have devoted legal representatives to protect their best interests throughout the mediation process.

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